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About High Heels! Free Money Diamonds Hack Tool for iOS Android

High Heels! from Zynga can be categorized into a casual game, where you will take a rolea as a graceful young lady, wearing high heels while walking on various tracks
During the game, the height of the high heels will gradually increase as you continues to grab the heels on the ground.
While walking on various tracks, you may encounter some obstacles, which will make the height of Miss Sister’s high heels become lower.
On the other words, High Heels is a game about navigating short levels in increasingly high heeled shoes.
Your main objection is to collect more heel while walking along, as well as aiming to get to the very pinnacle of the level when reaching the finish line.

In line with this, if you can get the most height of her high heel shoes, you will be on the top of the player in the game
Besides, you must pass various obstacles to get final rewards, whiel gathering up gems or diamonds to unlock corresponding items
However, collecting diamonds to get some items int he game may not enough so yo umust purchase it through iaps.
For such reason, there is a kind of hack tool to earn you a lot of diamonds freely, and you can also unlock some items for free.
Graphically, High Heels! game combines the gameplay of several games, in that you will make the height of the high heels lower when passing obstacles on the track.

Do you think it’s easy to walk with high heels while passing obstacles on the track?
We know your answer is yes, so just get you in the game and be on the top player in this game
To solve every level in the game, make sure to follow the hints, tips and cheats in this strategy guide, which will help you walk to the finish line with style and grace every time. In the mean time, you will also pick up a load of gems on the way.

High Heels Cheat Tips Walkthrough To Solve All Levels

How to Use Your Keys in High Heels Game

When you have collected three keys, you can use them to play a chest-opening minigame.

According to this, nine chests of minigame will be filled with gems.

Moreover, there is also be one special outfit prize waiting to be discovered which will give you a lot of gems.

On the other hand, if you don’t get gems after using your three keys, try to watch a video to open three more chests.

Here, chests will be a great way to get more gems and you can also unlock new outfit pieces quicker than usual.

In line with game outfits, you will be able to unlock new outfits in the store with gems
Sometimes, some outfits cost 600 gems a pop.

Here, you can firstly choose what you get such as clothes, heels or accessories, then you will end up with one item from that list at random.

In the way of unlocking outfits, you can get them freely by playing the game.

Then, when a bar of every run reaches 100% you will automatically get a new outfit piece.

Anyway, you may need to to watch a short video to claim it though.

But, you need to purchase Cleopatra Mega Bundle through iap store

How to Get New Outfits in High Heels Game
How to Solve Tightropes in High Heels Game

When playing high heels game, tightropes may be the toughest obstacles to come across

To solve this, always keep your finger still since one sure fire tip will help you get across them in style though.

In the action, all you will have to do is to stay in the middle of the tightrope

And, when you have started your crossing, make sure to keep your finger as still as possible on the screen to ensure that you get over without any mishaps.

When playing each level in this game, getting to the finish line will be your main objective

In the mean time, you will also need to collect every heel you see along the way

Also, be sure to take the most effective route possible while avoiding losing heels along the way

Every time you do so, try to make your shoes as high as possible when getting to the steps at the end of a level.

How to Go to The Finish in High Heels Game
How to Get More Free Gems or Diamonds in High Heels Game

During the game, you will find a number of ways to get gems, in which all you will do is to just pick them up when walking along the track.

But, if you want to get more diamonds, just watch a video at the end of your run.

Watching ad videos will triple your gem haul, make sure to do it regularly

In order to get more gems, you can also find them in chests.

Alternatively, you can get unlimited money diamonds or gems in High Heels with a kind of hack tool or generator

This High Heels hack tool will facilitate you to earn more diamonds for free that you can use to unlock new outfits in the game

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